Ever discover a hidden charge in a bill or invoice?

Although the extra charge may be just pennies or a few
dollars, Florida law protects you from unfair and deceptive
trade practices. You may be entitled to have the extra
charge reversed, and to have your attorney’s fees paid to
obtain the result. Also, if the practice is widespread, a class
action may be appropriate. Speak to a lawyer if you want
your money back and the unfair business practice to stop.

Ever pay for a repair on a car that you discovered later on
was not done?

Florida law prohibits car repair facilities from charging for
repairs not done, or misleading the car owner as to the
nature of repairs actually done. In many cases, you may be
entitled to recover your attorney’s fee if you succeed in
showing you were misled. Consult a lawyer.

Did you buy a home and the seller failed to advise you of
defects he or she was aware of?

In most circumstances, the seller of a home is obligated to
advise the buyer of hidden defects. If you discover a defect
in your newly purchased home that was not disclosed,
contact a lawyer and be prepared to bring all closing

Have you received a summons to appear in court, and
you're confused?

If you have been served with papers, consult a lawyer
immediately. You may have been sued and have a limited
time to file a response with the court. You may have been
asked to appear for a deposition, hearing or trial. In certain
situations, it may be best to have your own counsel.
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